Membership and Working for the Museum

Any volunteer organisation such as ours relies on the dedication and support of it's members. The DSR&M project is a huge undertaking by any standards. In reality, it is a multi-million dollar project being managed and run entirely by volunteer supporters and labour. To date, the museum has been very successful in harnessing the talents of it's membership to achieve the established objectives.

Funding of the Project So Far

Since 1973, over $7 million has been raised out of the pockets of the museum's supporters to fund the purchase, transport and weatherproofing of the museum collection, spare parts, specialised tools, workshop machinery and a host of other essentials. The many non-railway items, such as the 53 acres of land, semi-trailer, quad-axle low-loader, mobile crane, backhoe,D6 bulldozer, and various other support equipment has also been funded by the generosity of the volunteers and supporters.

The Museum conducts appeals to purchase individual items of rolling stock or locomotives considered worthy of preservation, so interested persons can donate or loan money specifically for that purpose. You may, for instance,  have a penchant towards NSWGR steam locomotives, industrial diesels or four wheel freight wagons, the collection is varied enough to cater for all tastes. Contributors towards these appeals receive a bonus at tax time, as all donations to the museum over $2.00 are tax-deductible. 

Skilled Staff and Volunteers

Not only does DSR&M have the equipment to run a tourist railway, it also has the expertise. A large percentage of DSR&M members are, or have been, professional railway people, with a wide range of qualifications, trades and experience. Their experience with these organisations makes them eminently suitable to operate the DSR&M's planned train services, and to pass those skills on to other members. Many other members have trade or professional qualifications which will benefit the operation of the DSR&M. These include business managers, tourism representatives, boilermakers, carpenters, draftspersons, surveyors, plumbers ,fitters and turners, engineers, architects, accountants and lawyers.

Working for the Museum

Becoming a member of a volunteer organisation like ours can be a very rewarding pastime, as the museum and it's members undertake many tasks in various fields, not all of them directly related to railways. The museum is directing it's available labour into the tasks that are required to be carried out before our eventual public opening. These tasks include:

Whilst these tasks are priorities, there is a constant flow of other jobs that all contribute towards making the bigger picture that much clearer. However, not all of this work takes place in Dorrigo, there are often groups of members working for the Museum in both Sydney and Newcastle.  For instance, on one weekend, Sydney members may be pulling up a disused siding, whilst other members are in Dorrigo re-roofing a passenger carriage.

Regular working weekends are organised for work at Dorrigo, so that members can travel from Sydney, Newcastle and elsewhere, and assist in the progress towards our public opening.  Basic but comfortable accommodation at Dorrigo is provided for the benefit of members.


Membership is the best way you can keep up with the Museum's progress, even if you are not actively involved. Members receive a monthly newsletter ,detailing the latest work projects, potential exhibits on offer, and appeal totals. In addition, membership allows you to attend, and vote at, the general meetings of the museum company. 

The membership fee is currently set at $50.00 per year.

We are currently unable to process applications for membership online, and rely on "steam age" printed forms and Australia Post. If you would like to join the museum, you may download a copy of the membership form by clicking on the icon, below, filling it in, and mailing it to the museums postal address.

To download a printable version of the membership application form click on the button below:- If you need a copy of Acrobat Reader to display and print a copy of the membership form, click on the button below:

You may contact the museum for further information by post. The address is:

PO Box 200


N S W  2453

Telephone: (02) 6657 2176